Monthly Milk Bar: Apple Pie Cake / by Chelsea Zwieg

Remember when I said I was going to do a monthly Milk Bar recipe post in June and then by August I forgot to post one? Oops. But now I'm back with some Milk Bar goodness and it's even better because it's September which means: APPLES! More specifically, apple pie cake with brown butter cake, pie crumb frosting, liquid cheesecake and sauteed apples. 

As I have mentioned in my other posts, Milk Bar recipes are no less than like 1,000 steps per cake. Which to some people might sound like a nightmare but to me is the most fun thing I could possibly do with my time. So let me tell you about this cake.

First, there is the brown butter cake. My favorite part about this is that the recipe instructs you to brown the butter in the microwave which I never knew you could do. How did I not know this?! All of my brown butter loving days, I have been kept completely in the dark. All you need to do is place the butter in a glass bowl (like a pyrex), cover it with a microwave safe plate and let it go for 3-5 minutes. It will melt and then begin to pop and then finally turn brown. Just make sure your plate covers the bowl all of the way. I left a barely detectable gap which turned into a major buttery problem once the butter started popping and splattering. 

Next is the liquid cheesecake, which is the frosting between the layers. It's basically cheesecake filling baked partially in a pan until it is just set but still (after it cools) soft and spreadable. Just yes, on so many levels. 

Then there are the sauteed apples. I don't think I need to expand on this. Apples that are simmered in brown sugar, butter and cinnamon. All cakes need this. Actually all things need this. 

Speaking of apples, each cake layer gets an apple cider soak to keep it moist and so so appley. Also, it gave me an excuse to buy apple cider the very first day I saw it in the store. So this was easily my favorite part of the recipe. 

Finally, there are the pie crumbs. Buttery, crispy, crumbly pie crust crumbles. Most of them go between the layers with the liquid cheesecake and the apple filling. The rest get blended into a liquid with a little bit of milk and then whipped into frosting that goes on the top of the cake. There is nothing more amazing than frosting that tastes like pie crust. 

And there you have it. Apple pie cake. Make it! Or tell me you want to eat it and I'll make it again! Either way, you need this in your life.

 Here is a link to a wonderful blog that gives step by step photos and all 6 parts of the recipe. Let me know if you make it and send me your photos!